sábado, abril 03, 2010

Black Knight

2-Killa 4 Life
3-Dirt Up feat. G Twin
4-Almighty Black Knights feat. Warcloud & Gemini
5-Skit 1
6-Killa Cal Lifestyle feat. Black Techs
7-Skit 2
8-Smack This Bitch feat. Kurupt, Warcloud & Sandman
9-Knights or Nuthin' feat. Warcloud
10-Banged Out feat. Kam
11-Skit 3
12-Hustlin' Is Is A Way of Life
13-Gangsta Act feat. Kurupt & PC
14-Duc Lo
15-Rollin' feat. RZA
16-Hey Ladies feat. Black Techs & Gangsta Wiggles
17-What You Niggaz Lookin' At? feat. RZA, G Twin, PC, Gangsta Wiggles, P Nut,Pimp Nasty & Big Nut
18-Real Shit feat. Warcloud & PC
19-State of Emergency feat. PC


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